• Our Vision

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    A Sustainable and Ecological Oregon

    Oregon's history and culture surrounding trees is as diverse as its population. There are few things as certain or accepted in science as human-caused climate change. The planting, care, preservation, and protection of our urban trees are actionable ways that every Oregonian can engage and participate in decreasing the effects of climate change in our own neighborhoods. Trees are critical to all of our lives in every way, from the air we breathe to the economic foundations of our societies. I urge everyone to simply pay attention to the living organisms that surround us every day and appreciate the vast complexity of the circle of life here on earth. Respect the lives of the millions of organisms around us, for those organisms are part of the cycle enabling us to survive. Endeavor to learn the names of the trees outside your house, office, school, or parks.



    Mike Oxendine

    Former President, Oregon Community Trees